PKS is a boutique executive search firm specializing in select high potential MBA graduates, emerging leaders and seasoned professionals. Our network includes strong alliances with national minority and leadership organizations as well as a developed pipeline of students and alumni from top tier business schools.
We are committed to delivering high potential leaders that meet leadership attributes identified by our partnership companies. Our candidates have diverse backgrounds and experiences. We want to help organizations identify, hire, develop and retain their leaders.


Valuing diversity is a competitive business advantage. A constant challenge for most organizations has been the recruitment of diverse candidates. PKS will develop a strategic assessment of your existing marketing plan for attracting top tier diverse talent. The assessment will include branding, strategic measurements along with our recommendations for strengthening your current marketing plan to ensure your diversity employment goals are achieved.

PKS offers Customized Conference Recruiting with niche activities targeting high potential candidates. These venues will help create a signature look and differentiate your organization while attracting top talent. We also offer a year-round diversity recruitment strategy tailored to attract women and minorities that includes ongoing relationship management.

Our leadership team understands that developing a successful diversity recruiting and retention model requires an ongoing strategically driven effort, not a one-time or one technique initiative. During our sessions, participants will be able to translate knowledge into efficient, focused actions that they can implement during the recruiting season and beyond. We will cover issues and areas of emerging importance to ensure that the attendees are on the “cutting edge” of diversity recruiting practices. These sessions are held periodically throughout the year.

PKS can help teams translate knowledge into efficient focused actions that they can implement during the recruiting season and beyond.  We can cover issues and areas of emerging importance to ensure that teams are on the “cutting edge” of diversity recruiting practices.


For candidate selection assessments immediate telephone feedback is provided to the hiring executive. This feedback focuses on the candidate’s strengths, developmental needs and potential limitations relative to the position in question. The end result is a written report that focuses on conceptual skills, emotional make-up, motivational factors, interpersonal skills and leadership style. The executive being assessed is provided comprehensive information regarding his or her psychological strengths, personality characteristics and suggestions for career planning and personal growth.

On-line Testing. The BCL (Business Check List) is the heart of our on-line testing service. This assessment is typically used for entry-level sales, customer/technical support and administrative positions. The information provided by this testing can help the hiring manager tailor his or her further interviews and reference checks with the candidate. Feedback to the hiring manager or HR professional is immediate.

Leadership Development Programs. Our Executive Development Programs will be customized based on each company’s opportunity for building bench strength within the organization. Whether it is Financial Management, Technology, Marketing or a General Business Program you want to create, PKS can design the right program that allows your employees to strengthen their leadership skills and groom them for more challenging positions…

Here are a few of the components to building a successful Executive

Development Program:

  • A strategic assessment of what each company wants to accomplish by creating a Program and recommendations that will be a catalyst for increasing leadership diversity in your organization.
  • A customized assessment product created to provide objective evaluations on the strengths and development needs of program participants.
  • Structured feedback program that enhances development of participants
  • Leadership Training Curriculum both in-house and at top business schools that allows for continued growth
  • Dedicated executive coach to enhance performance and potential
  • Executive Level Exposure within the organization; creating an opportunity for developing mentoring relationships

In addition, PKS can assist your corporation in creating a diversity retention methodology that will increase your organization’s ROI for hiring diverse employees.


We offer more in-depth, individualized coaching programs designed to enhance performance of new or experienced leaders. Coaching is ongoing and is focused on psychological consultation, not therapy. It is used to help successful executives reach even higher levels of performance, and involves targeting specific developmental areas for improvement.

We provide professional critique and feedback using a variety of methods to help the executive develop an action plan and to assist in the implementation of that plan during regular consultation sessions.

PKS has a proven process that enhances the executive’s value to the company and provides an attractive return on the investment in human capital.